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looking to buy a plow..questions..

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself to the Community' started by kranker022, Dec 23, 2010.

  1. kranker022

    kranker022 Junior Member
    Messages: 14

    hello and thanks for looking! i have always appreciated this site for questions and answers. I am in my early 20's and have always been looking for advice and ideas on this site.

    I have had a medium lawn care company for about 5 years.. still maintain a fulltime job so i have not really got much into the plowing scene. i mainly do a lot of my clients driveways.. and a few small parking lots. I have always used one of the rinky dink snowbear snowplows.. and believe it or not.. those have always got the job done for me. HOWEVER.. I have had some money saved up.. and have convinced myself to pick up a heavy duty plow. I have been looking at some used western/meyer plows online.. and just have a few questions (Please excuse me if my questions sounds dumb and amateur)

    If I am looking at the older style.. cable hydraulic.. not the electric over hydraulic... is there a way to see if the pump motor works.. or to test the plows functionality before I buy?

    also.. I am aware that these cable styles are ran by the trucks engine motor.. while the electric over hydraulic run on the battery system. My question ( a stupid one) is simply.. how do these plows hook up to your motor? do they run off a belt? if someone could just explain that a little to me I would really appreciate it.

    once again.. i want to thank anyone in advance who takes some time out of their day to respond.
  2. hightop

    hightop Member
    Messages: 47

    With the western cable style, the cables are for control only, replacing the electric joystick, there's still an electric motor powering the pump. I believe Fisher & maybe others made a plow long ago which used a power steering type pump, engine driven by belt to power the hydraulics, but I've never seen one.

    I think I'd be looking for a newer plow than that, unless I had a lot of prior experience with them, and a close supplier of service parts..
  3. Flawless440

    Flawless440 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,543

    Stay away from the cable plows, i first started that is all i use because they were cheap on CL. Being in Ohio find u a meyer E-60 pump with an 8ft blade. Try to get a back up E-60. Get the right brackets for your truck, don't have Jim Bob weld it to you frame, been down that road aswell, they brake off. I think Boss and Western (new ones) are the best, but pricey. Meyer will go a long way, easy to work on, keep parts around. I have a back up blade and pump, they r cheap, any problems i have a back up pump in the truck, meet my guy change it out in 3 mins he is back on the road. Blade go's down, usally a spring (no big deal) either change it out or send him to the shop, drop that blade and grad the new one. People hate Meyer on this site, but being in Ohio u cant beat them, parts are everyware, check Ebay to. Mill Supply in Clevland, and Smith Bros. In New Jersey, great prices on parts.

    Let me know if u need anything

    Great Website:gunsfiring:
  4. Pinky Demon

    Pinky Demon PlowSite.com Addict
    from Ohio
    Messages: 1,121

    Take a look at the major brands, (Western, Fisher, Blizzard, Boss, etc.) and use their locators. See which dealer is closest to you, and scope them out. I would not recommend screwing around with a cable plow. Spend a little money, and just get something that plain works.

    STIHL GUY Senior Member
    from CT
    Messages: 663

    if you spend a little more money itll probably be more reliable and efficient and in the end make you more $$