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What do you guys do to aleart you to snowfall throughout the night. MOst commercial lots want opened up by the start of business, so that means working in the very early morning hours.

I will generally get up at 2 a.m. and have a look out the window. If we have nothing, I go back to bed. If we have just a dusting, I will check the weather maps online, and see if it looks as if we will get enough that will warrant plowing. If so, I stay up, get ready, and hit the road.

If we don't have anything at 2 a.m. or if the weather maps show that we are not going to get much more, I will go back to bed till 4 a.m. I get up at 4 a.m. and can have the route salted before the open of business. I am generally up for the day at 4 a.m. regardless of weather.

Things get really hairy when I get up @4 a.m. and have to plow and salt. It is real tricky to get the lots done on time. Some non critical areas must be left till a little later, leaving me to focus on the key areas.

I have thought about the weather aleart that was mentioned in another thread. I don't know if I could trust it 100%, and would probally worry about missing an event. I could also invision a crying wolf situation, where it would go off without reason, too many times, and I would not believe it when it did go off for the real thing.

I would like to find someone that works an overnight shift, and have them on a retainer to call me if we get an unexpected snowstorm. So far, the only candiate is the overnight clerk at the local quickie mart, and I am undure of the reliability of that individual.


Western CT
Interesting that you metioned overnight workers. A good friend of mine works as the overnnight receiver at a local supermarket. His job is to check and assist in unloading the goods that arrive at night. His post is right by the big overhead doors and he is always aware of the weather. He notifies me whenever the snow begans to collect. This is especially helpful because I maintain that lot.

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