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Looking into Honda

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by gardenpro, Oct 20, 2003.

  1. gardenpro

    gardenpro Junior Member
    from WA
    Messages: 14

    Everyone in my town seems to be using honda. They are expensive, but they do an incredible job, and I've worked with a lot of tools and honda always seems to be my favourite.
    I'm trying to decide on either the 7 or 9 HP. And also trying to decide if the optional DC start is worth it.(about $500 Canadian dollars)
    I will be doing townhouses, a smallish commercial driveway (200 feet long) and possible a few residentials.
    Any suggestions are appreciated- Thanks.
  2. SnoJob67

    SnoJob67 Senior Member
    Messages: 384

    Electric start, what is that? :p If that Honda does not start on the first or second pull, either you are out of fuel, don't have it choked (when cold starting), or the kill switch is in the "off" position. :eek:

    If Honda is already a favorite, I'd be very surprised if that machine was a disappointment to you.
  3. wyldman

    wyldman Member
    Messages: 3,265

    Skip the electric start,you never need it.
  4. windmill

    windmill Senior Member
    Messages: 224

    Welcome gardenpro, another westerner, yahoo. :drinkup: :drinkup:
    I agree you won't need the electric start, if it doesn't start with the cord it won't start.
    Why are you thinking snow???? All I see on the news is water up to the first storey windows in your area on the coast. Hope you and yours are doing well down there.
  5. gardenpro

    gardenpro Junior Member
    from WA
    Messages: 14

    Thanks for your help. I will have to look into the electric start. It just sounded like a good idea. Would be nice to save $.
    Yeah it is raining like mad. My house is valley bottom, not flooded but the airport, golf courses and native reserve are. What happened is a freak snowstorm, then the rainstorm. Most of the snow has melted so we should be fine, but Squamish is really in trouble.