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looking for thick rubber sheets for plow wings

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by sltboss02, Nov 24, 2009.

  1. sltboss02

    sltboss02 Junior Member
    Messages: 14

    I have seen the snow sport plows that they sell at jcwhitney and I think that part of that plow is a great idea. They come with rubber wings on them. My company plows for the school district and we plow for the city and we have a storage place that we do. I would like to take the rubber wing idea to help out in the long neck/lane aspect. the reason I like the rubber is because it isn't heavy and if I hit a curb or manhole with my plow I will wreck the rubber not my 8 1/2 ' western ultramount. any one know where I can find such rubber that would be tall enough to fit an 8 1/2' western ultramount pro plow?
  2. big acres

    big acres Senior Member
    Messages: 653

    I'm sure you can find something premade if you look around, but you could also fab them from old loader tires or the like.

    There is a guy here in town selling a Bobcat pusher that is basically a large wheel loader tire cut in half with the mounting plate bolted on for like $800.