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Like so many others on this board, my 85 Chevy 4x4 350, auto has developed a low oil pressure condition (about 127k miles). I am leaning toward doing a crate engine replacement rather than a machine shop rebuild. Does anyone know of a reputible supplier they could recommend? Obviously I could go with a GM replacement, but figure that would be a lot more money than an aftermarket rebuild shop. Anyone have an opinion that may have gone through this before?
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Don't be too quick to assume that a GM engine is going to be more money. I've done two over the years and the Goodwrench engine was comparably priced to a commercial rebuild and was all new. You're in MA, check with Alderman Chevrolet in Rutland, VT. They have usually killer prices on new GM engines.

I just called them to inquire about a TBI 350 for one of our trucks. Bare engine is 2105, not as good as I thought.

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Check out Jasper. I have one (350) in my 80 GMC. Go to their site and look for a local dealer. VERY reputable rebuilder, out of Jasper, Indiana.


(For what it's worth, I got a long block from them 4 years ago, at "shop cost", through a friend, which was $954.00)


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