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    What plows would be comparable to the Blizzard 860SW, I am looking to start plowing this coming fall and am starting the process now. My truck is a 01 F250 7.3 CC SB 4X4. I have Blizzard, Boss, Fisher, Hiniker, Western, Meyer, Curtis dealers located within 20 miles of my house so dealer support isn't a problem with said brands. What i'm looking for is what is comparable model wise (hitch set up/blade options/etc...). My first price i have called on was a Blizzard 860SW and that price was roughly 4400 w/out install. I like the wing setup on the 860SW and control of the 810. Can some of you guys tell me what you paid for your setup. How well do the straight blades with the rubber wings work ( like the boss style). I guess i'm not sure how to word what i want to know, if you are as confused as i am right now after reading this we have something in common. Thanks in advance.