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Discussion in 'Boss Plows Discussion' started by secret_weapon, Feb 15, 2008.

  1. secret_weapon

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    I'm looking around for a new cutting edge for 8' superduty and I found one at a place called
    angelos-supplies.com, They have it for $79.95. Has anyone tried blades from them? I'm wondering how long they will last and will it break on the first curb I hit when it's -2*?
    Right now I'm using winter equipments Extender's, but when I get my wings installed I won't be able to them.

  2. terrapro

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    i bought my V edges from them at the begining of the season and they have worn about an 1". i have hit a dozen or so curbs and a few rocks at decent speed and they havent broke or chipped. i only have 1 lot right now and its asphalt and the rest are driveways. im guessing if you have more lots they would last about a season. im guessing ill get one and a half seasons out of mine.

    in my opinion they are a good buy
  3. Wieckster

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    I bought my edges from them for my MVP plow and they are still working good after 2 seasons
  4. OP

    secret_weapon Senior Member
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    Thanks for the input, I'm gonna order one now.
  5. Stankonya

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    I would recamend getting the Half inch edges. I went cheap and got the 3/8 and I am burning through pretty quick.
  6. OP

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    All they list is 1/2" so that's what I hope I get. Hope the bolt holes line up too. That was a thought that just popped in my head...:dizzy: