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looking for my first plow& speader

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself to the Community' started by jerrywane, May 24, 2011.

  1. jerrywane

    jerrywane Senior Member
    Messages: 134

    i am in S.E Kentucky,and the winters are starting to make a comeback...i have plowed before with a guys truck in Il.for 2 seasons.I just picked up set of good rims w/tires,had my front end redun complete,and as of now am looking @ plows. I will probably be doing smaller commercial lots,and am not sure if i should strat off with a $6,ooo spreader,and a very high end plow.I think the buss..will do really well.I have a 05 f 350 that has the motor top halved and like i said all front end work done.Insurance has been quoted,and am about to make up my mind up on a plow.With that said what would be a good to midland plow to shake the lil green off,and should i go with a mongo spreader,or a smaller on to get started,as i have 3 lots to do this winter already. I think it will take off here as the seasons past{lived here 6 years} have been light snow winters,but the last thee have been pretty darn good.The people that have lived here forever have told me its getting to be like it used to as far as amounts of snow and days. i don't see alot of salt spreaders on the smaller guys stuff,but am afraid if i don't have something it will bite me.I would love any thoughts on a decent plow,and spreader also, where do you go to buy bulk salt ....can i get it through the streets and san.people,or where. I can store it @ home covered,as i have a loader and dump trailer.....O.K. ill shut up now...thax in advance....Jerry Wane:salute:
  2. blogsdon

    blogsdon Member
    Messages: 63

    lets go :popcorn:
  3. bhmjwp

    bhmjwp Senior Member
    from kcmo
    Messages: 309

    Sounds as if you have a good plan! I am in KC and winters are spotty, last 2 good, prior 6 fair to poor. My approach due to this is the right equiptment for the type of accounts you have. Small 1 to 4 business lots, a 8' straight blade works fine. What kind, any major brand with parts close is fine. Mount your own plow and wiring so you know it inside and out. Most repairs can be done in under an hour. Read the section here on the brand you have. You will quickly learn what spare parts you need to keep on hand. Look in a couple hundred mile range north of you, ie, Craigslist, ect. Find a great-clean and serviced plow with your specific mount. Too many buy the plow and end up spending $1500 on wiring and mounts, not realizing the cost.

    Find a clean used tailgate spreader. For these size lots there fine. Find a good salt supplier by the pallet-sometime Lowes/Home depot are price competitive, if not hunt around.

    Bottom line, get into this with less than $6000 invested in materials and equiptment, if the next winter is a bust your not sitting on a large liability, Grow as the money grows.

    Good luck!
  4. jerrywane

    jerrywane Senior Member
    Messages: 134

    too much work?

    I plan on doing alot of reserch into different plows.I am going to look locally @ some up close and personal like.Dont know if a poly blade will be better,or to add wings to the sides or not....lil things like that are my biggest concern next to having spare parts on hand.I already bought a full set of rims and mudder tires for 318 bucks @ the pawn store.I hope they will do for the first year,but all in all people are talking like it should take off like a banchie,and i am ,as crasy as it sounds...a lil affraid of getting too lucky.I know ,i know,dont get yer hopes up too high,but with the weather patterns turning back like they allways do every 25-30 years or so,i am looking to get in early.If i can pull out what ive got in it the first winter.....look out,cause im gettin another rig and driver.I have been in the apartment building buss. for 27 years and took out on my own the last 11 years,and winters are just a drag for me without much to do.I think i am getting two more lots this week,and am pricing them by the hour @ 100 bucks per....so far no one want salt ,but i think i will get a tailgate spreader just in case.Lowes contacted me last year and asked if i did plowing{i had a small backhoe llc}and i told them i dont,and it got my mind to racing and i have the fever now....any other info will be preciated thanxpayup Ihad read that lowes has a messed up contract also,and if there is anyone that does there work i would like to know what is so messed up,and maybe i could give them a ring.....or not
  5. kevlars

    kevlars Senior Member
    Messages: 407

    I don't know about mud tires for the snow. I don't like them, especially in wet, heavy snow. You need more sipes, the small grooves in the tires to get good traction on ice and hardpacked snow. I have Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs, and they are excellent on my rig. I would think you could find a good deal on a used plow, I prefer a v-plow, but that is just me. I don't know if I would want to have what I have wrapped up in my brand new Hiniker, if I didn't know it would get much use.

    Good Luck,
  6. Rc2505

    Rc2505 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,245

    I most definatley would recommend a v plow. However, I would not buy new if it were me in Kentucky. Start off small. Don't get more then you can handle in 8 to 10 hours per event. Just about the time you think you can plow for 12 hours, you will get one of those freak storms that start at 5 am, and you'll have to go through everything twice, which meant you'll be plowing for 24 hours. I like to keep my routes somewhere around 6 to 8 hour range, but I live 2 to 3 hundred miles north of you, and we get more snow. Most of the time my 8 hour routes are closer to 10 just by having to go back and do clean-up, or extras. As far as a spreader, I would look at a bigger tailgate model. Something along the lines of a Snow-ex 1075. That way you can buy your salt in bags to keep on hand for small storms, or if you can load bulk in your truck, you can haul larger amounts for bigger storms. I would by a used plow, and install it yourself so you know more about the workings of it, but I would buy a new spreader, and fluid film the crap out of it to keep it nice. Good luck.
  7. Jim@esitrucks

    Jim@esitrucks Inactive
    Messages: 1,124

    RC is right in my opinion, check ebay and craigslist for something used. If your looking at a western, be sure it is an ULTRA mount....cheaper to get on your truck...unless they have everything that will work on your truck. Old meyers can be had cheap...keep in mind if it is a classic style mount...same thing...pricey but they are available and replacement parts are pretty cheap and the systems are easy to work on. Boss...look for RT3...if its that then you will be fine. All the spreader guys offer larger tailgate models that should fit your needs, ProFlo 2, Buyers TGS07,Boss TGS 1100, Meyers 750 and snow ex 1075,1575 or 1875 come to mind