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Looking for low budget plow welding tips

Discussion in 'Truck & Equipment Repair' started by 80sDweeb, Oct 10, 2011.

  1. 80sDweeb

    80sDweeb Junior Member
    Messages: 3

    I just bought a 7.5 foot Western UniMount setup for my '89 F250, with most (but not all) wiring, joystick, and the mount, for $400 (yay.)

    There's one spot about 2" from the edge of the plow face where the skin is rusted through from the back, probably about 3" high by 1" wide, the rest is pretty solid. Does anyone have any ideas of where I can get good scrap metal to patch this spot with? I'm thinking the tank from inside a hot water heater would be sufficiently sturdy metal (not the glass-lined kind.) I have cut one of those open before and it was solid, fairly heavy gauge. Should be able to bend it to the right contour. Might even have one in my basement...?

    Any tips for welding this up with a flux core welder? You can see I'm trying to keep my investment low (by necessity.)

    Any tips on welding plow frames onto truck frames? This one was welded onto the F150, and I'll be welding it onto my truck, just not sure if I can do it with my flux core welder or if I should go with my Lincoln tombstone arc welder (I've never arc welded before...) I'd have to wire 220 to my garage ($$$), or run it off of a generator.

    Thanks for any tips,
    Scott in Penfield NY

    Messages: 79

    Welding the frame to the truck is something I would let experienced welder do, it would only be a couple hundred buck and you know its done right.
    It would be a bad day if the plow mount fell off the truck because your weld let loose.