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Looking for ideas!! My Bobcat S70 Skid steer plow is too small IMO

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment' started by TGS Inc., Jan 14, 2015.

  1. TGS Inc.

    TGS Inc. Senior Member
    from Detroit
    Messages: 569

    Bought two of these...Have ran quads with 60" blades in the past. These are 54". Feeling a bit inadequate. Do I have someone fab up some wings?? Buy another blade (who makes one???)

    Want it to be right. (sorry for the sideways photo...been a long week!)



    Bobcat s70 with blade.jpg
  2. CityGuy

    CityGuy PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 17,220

    What do you do with them will answer the question. re they sidewalk machines? Driveways? Hard to say what to do with them when we have no idea what you use them for.
  3. mdb landscaping

    mdb landscaping Senior Member
    Messages: 823

    Id just bring it to a welding shop and have them extend the plow. That shouldn't be a big deal for a skilled fabricator.
  4. TGS Inc.

    TGS Inc. Senior Member
    from Detroit
    Messages: 569

    Good point!

    We do alot of colleges (pretty wide widths), commercial walks, etc.

    I think most commercial walks with grass on the sides are at least 60".
  5. TGS Inc.

    TGS Inc. Senior Member
    from Detroit
    Messages: 569


    In a perfect world, they would be simple pin in extensions (maybe in varying sizes...)

    Get to a 7' walk, have a 1' piece for both sides, get to a smaller one, use the smaller versions...Thoughts?
  6. ProperLandscape

    ProperLandscape Member
    Messages: 92

    Quick Attach makes a 72" blade, they also make a V-blade for skidsteers. Prices are reasonable and everything is made in the USA.
  7. xgiovannix12

    xgiovannix12 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,433

    that thing is so cute :D sorry couldnt help it
  8. beanz27

    beanz27 Senior Member
    Messages: 984

    Give it a few years, it'll grow up lol.
  9. CityGuy

    CityGuy PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 17,220

    With that in mind. I would say you could fab up some pin on wings. I would price out what the cost of a new blade is and the materials needed to fab it up. Don't forget to figure your time.
    Just keep in mind the horsepower of the machine and traction issues you may have. Counter weights may be needed.
  10. S-205

    S-205 Senior Member
    from Ontario
    Messages: 371

    Sometimes its not as easy to just weld some tabs on and add some 5/8 pins for wings. The blade itself may not be able to take the stress and needs to gusseted or reinforced.

    I only say that from when I put Pro Wings on my Unimount, they essentially mount through drilled holes in the main part of the blade which is not very thick (sheet metal basically)

    So if someone fabs something for you just make sure its beefy and can take impacts, find the cost too. May be cheaper to run and 60" V plow, or even buy a used one and have it fabbed to fit your mount.
  11. extremepusher

    extremepusher Senior Member
    from west mi
    Messages: 143

    if your doing the sidewalks on a regular basis, I would get some 12" tall rubber cutting edge and run it long on each end to make it longer. That way on the smaller one's, the rubber won't rip up the grass.
  12. BMWSTUD25

    BMWSTUD25 Senior Member
    Messages: 631

    I like the idea of that! You should be able to get some pretty tall/thick rubber, and you will love how it does almost no damage to the grass. Hope it works as good in real life as it sounds.
  13. tread lightly services

    tread lightly services Member
    Messages: 89

    I run three of these setups that you have...miles and miles of city walks...bobcat does male a set of wings for these for these blades.
    They also make rubber and poly cutting edges...Watch the factory steel cutting edges they are thinner steel than the big boys only 1/2" and wear alarmingly quickly....poly wears like iron....you will notice that the edges wear out quick on these cutting edges.
    FYI the 60 snow blades from the larger bobcats fits perfectly on these machines and it runs them perfectly! I have even run the 60" v plow on them.
    The blowers work amazing....36" and 48" are unstoppable.
    48" angle broom is amazing on those 1-2 inch a snowfalls
    let me know if you have any more questions about the s70 s100 mt52 mt55 or sidewalks.
  14. Goodnyou

    Goodnyou Junior Member
    from Boston
    Messages: 16

    New to the site. Just found it researching this machine. Planning on putting it on a cam superline tilt deck single axle. Tread lightly I would love your input on the s 70 with snowblowers. Im trying to order one but Bobcat of Boston cant seem to show me one with a blower on it. They tell me its great but I wanted to see one in use. They want to show me one on a 570 which im sure blows fine . The only people I know that have blowers use them on the bigger machines. Do you have the standard tires or the wider ones? is the 48 inch blower a strain on the small machine? or should I go to the s100. Primary use will be snowblower but it will be used to load snow after bigger events. Im also wondering if you need to put skid shoes on the bucket. Im currently running a bunch of Honda track blowers which are amazing but I want to step it up and reduce labor costs. Thanks for your help.
  15. Triple L

    Triple L PlowSite Fanatic
    from Canada
    Messages: 6,078

    Load snow after a snow event? Into what? I don't think a s70 is nearly adequate for this
  16. hunterenvironme

    hunterenvironme Junior Member
    Messages: 8

    I have three s70s. Two with blowers. They work great. If you'd like to see them I'm not far from you.pm me
  17. Goodnyou

    Goodnyou Junior Member
    from Boston
    Messages: 16

    I was using a 10 yr old 36 inch model this winter. I think it was a 463. No problem loading an f450 with a 12 ft box in 1/2 hr. I couldn't fill it all the way but I could get 10+yds in it. Im sure a bigger machine would load quicker but loading is not a big part of my business in a normal year. The trucking time is the real time killer. 1hr 15 minute return trip. I know the machine is small and that is the best part about it for me. A lot of the time it will be stored inside a 38 inch door, so the size is the best feature as long as the machine can handle the blower. This inner city work and many obstacles on sidewalks limit much more than 52 inches. By that I mean Granite or Brownstone curbs with wrought iron fences on one side and trees, light poles fire hydrants and other immovable objects on the other so its not I can just hang the blower over the curb.
  18. tread lightly services

    tread lightly services Member
    Messages: 89

    Ok let's attack this...the s70 has more than enough power to run a 36 or a 48 blower power to spare. The later 463 after 2001 has the same size motor as the s70 and is great too. If running a blower exclusively the pre 2001 463 had a 30% smaller engine great for everyday tasks...but light in the shorts for running a blower...with the s70 I can blow 8 inches of fresh snow wide open sticks all the way forward as fast as it will go....a foot only requires slowing slightly...
  19. tread lightly services

    tread lightly services Member
    Messages: 89

    Btw.....bobcat is offering a $700 instant discount on all blowers of ordered before March 31st.
    And 400 off of all snow plows too.....
    Better hurry!

    MIDTOWNPC PlowSite Veteran
    Messages: 4,556

    when you extend the blades, taper the cutting edge on a 45 angle. it makes the blade skip over the sidewalk cracks better when its angled and it doesnt rip the grass as bad if you get close to the edge. We have a piece of rubber as an add on to our blade as a wing. it allows us to get close to things like bike racks ect and if the rubber touches it will fold back or not make any mark or damage. I know in a perfect world no one touches anything but when you run a curb it also leaves no rust marks and with a poly cutting edge its even better.

    I like being able to wing the sidewalk banks back so they dont always melt and run off on to the sidewalks. keeping the salt touchups to a minimum. A wing the came out but was 3 inches off the ground would be awesome