Looking for headache rack?

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by matthew Urban, Dec 2, 2000.

  1. matthew Urban

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    I'm looking for a headache rack for my 92 f150.
    Its got a toolbox and a tonneau cover, but if I have to the cover can go in the garage for the winter.
    I want a headache rack that I can mount my strobe to and a set of running lights to the back of. I don't want anything that will stand up to far over the cab and square channel not tubing for the frame.
    Anyone have an Idea, I cant find anything I like for less than two arms and a leg.
  2. landscaper3

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    http://www.awdirect.com they have Whether Guard bran very nice with a full screan in back and special mounting hardware so no drilling required. About $200.00
  3. OP
    matthew Urban

    matthew Urban Senior Member
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    thanks for the tip, looks promising.
  4. DanG

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    I wish I had checked on here the other day.
    I might have one for you(It came off off my dodge)
    If it was something you might want you could have picked it up when you picked up the spreader.
    Let me check and see, only thing it's square tubing.
    If I remember it has the screen in it goes into the front stake pockets and has two other braces to go back further.
    I'll E-mail you if it's behind the garage.
  5. cat320

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    Try Galls in Kentucky they have a back rack that mounts to the p/u stake pockets it's squre stock and you can mount lights and tool boxes to it.