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I had a ford exporer with a western 6.5 unimount plow which seemed to work pretty good other then blowing out the 4wd system. does anyone have any sugestions for a vehicle type, equipment (plow package) etc. I'm looking to continue doing local residential driveways only. I noticed today a ford excursion with a plow. anyone tried an expedition or excursion??

Kent Lawns

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An Excursion is based on the SuperDuty series and as such is the best SUV for snow removal.

It seems like you're limiting your options to a SUV.

My choice might be a Crew-Cab F-350 w/ a 6' bed.

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Cary, IL
I've heard S10 Blazers and Jeep Cherokee's/Wranglers are good for plowing residentials. I do a few with my truck, but I've found that the longer the truck, the harder it is to maneuver in and out of driveways. Stick with something small if you're gonna do driveways only...



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My 1/2 ton ram extra cab plows better than my 1ton gm. Turns on dime and i believe it's the only 1/2 ton that has a plow prep package.

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