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looking for a vbox in the tri-state area

Discussion in 'Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum' started by bank32, Dec 26, 2005.

  1. bank32

    bank32 Member
    Messages: 30

    Need a vbox 6-8 ft brand does not matter as long it runs good.
  2. newlooklandscp

    newlooklandscp Senior Member
    from Midwest
    Messages: 476

    I have a 8' Hi-way Super P for Sale. Im not in the tri-state area but in Chicago. No Rust (just repainted), New Carb, Air Filters & Bearings, Runs Great, Everything else is in Great Shape & All Controls, Etc Included. Let me know if your interested. Email is newlooklandscp@aol.com
  3. fordzilla1155

    fordzilla1155 Senior Member
    Messages: 127

    I have a meyers 6 foot 3/4 yard v box for sale. BOB@1STCOUNSEL.COM. I am located in Lancaster PA
  4. lawnboy30

    lawnboy30 Member
    Messages: 53

    Western V Box

    I have an 8 foot Western V Box for sale. New in cab control box, new wires, new battery, battery connections, new drag chain, new drive chain, new shaft & spinner. $1,000 located in northern NJ
  5. ALEX516

    ALEX516 Senior Member
    Messages: 103

    offer on spreader

    Would you take $650 for it? Disregard my previous offer on the other post.
  6. lawnboy30

    lawnboy30 Member
    Messages: 53

    Western Spreader


    Is your offer to my spreader? If so, while I appreciate it, it really is priced fairly at $1,000. The brand new control box and battery alone is worth your offer of $650. This spreader will pay itself off in a few saltings if not sooner. It is ready to be placed in pick-up or 1 ton dump and with the running of the control box wires, ready to spread salt. PM me if interested. I have a few interested people, but haven't heard yet on their plans.

  7. jfgold

    jfgold Junior Member
    Messages: 8

    Interested in the V box

    I am interested in your v box. Can you shoot me a picture or two before I run 100 miles to look? How much rust? How is the engine? Do all the controls work?
  8. jfgold

    jfgold Junior Member
    Messages: 8

    contact information

    e-mail pictures to gold4@comcast.net or phone me at 302-373-3333
  9. lawnboy30

    lawnboy30 Member
    Messages: 53


    I do not have the salter any longer.