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Looking for a supplier of bagged salt

Discussion in 'Ice Management' started by pasto_guy, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. pasto_guy

    pasto_guy Member
    Messages: 48

    Can anyone help me find a supplier of bagged rock salt. I live in SW VA. I'm looking at a full tractor trailer load. I talked to Diamond Crystal but they said that I needed to order more than that. I just don't like going to Lowes or Depot to buy 5 or 6 pallets at a time. Plus they run out all the time. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. grandview

    grandview PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 14,609

    Ask HD or Lowes to order you a truck load and pay for it right away and see if they will drop it off at your place. Any reason why you don't use bulk?
  3. leon

    leon Senior Member
    Messages: 872

    Forget Diamond crystal they are a Cargill owned brand and have been for many years.

    Morton Salt-Fairport Mine, Paynseville Ohio, Haliite
    Morton Salt Cape Canaveral Florida-solar salt
    American Rock Salt Hampton Corners, New York Halite
    Schoenburg Salt- New York, New York family held business

    Ask if it is still possible to buy and pay for a trailer load of bagged salt
    when you arrive with the trailer.

  4. snocrete

    snocrete Banned
    Messages: 2,862

    I have bought from the local Lowes & Menards 3,4,5 pallets at a time, and like you that became a PITA as my accounts grew...2 yrs ago I bought my first semi load of salt from Lowes at a discounted rate and it was delivered to my shop where they came with a semi that had an offroad forklift to assist my skid steer in unloading....as the season went on there was a "salt shortage":rolleyes: & this led to many problems I had, that I will not get into cause my fingers will get tired...... Last year in the fall I price shopped between Menards & Lowes...in the end they had 2 similar products for about the same price, but Menards offered me 0% for 12 months on my first semi load & some written guarantees that gave me some security on pricing for the 08/09 season, so I went with them. . The prices I got were only good if I bought a full semi in the beginning of the winter. They delivered to my shop, where I was waiting in the SS to unload (no offroad forklift with them). I ended up buying 2 full semis from them last year and was pleased with the way they handle things.
  5. pasto_guy

    pasto_guy Member
    Messages: 48

    Thank you all for all of the replies. I don't use bulk for two reasons. First is storage, no place to put it. The second being that we only have smaller spreaders. I will start today calling around and checking with the leads that you all have provided. I will keep you posted as to my results. Thanks again.
  6. rgrimes945

    rgrimes945 Senior Member
    Messages: 134

    A lil help from North Carolina if you like I can help you with salt call me at 252-303-0118
  7. pasto_guy

    pasto_guy Member
    Messages: 48

    Rgrimes I tried to give you a call but went to a fax machine. I also talked to two other suppliers today. One was 4.65 per bag delivered, the other was 4.20 per bag. Not bad so far. Still checking with a few others. I'll continue to keep you guys posted.
  8. rgrimes945

    rgrimes945 Senior Member
    Messages: 134

    Home now

    Pasto guy too late to call now ?