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looking for a source to buy sleeves for plow pins

Discussion in 'Fisher Engineering Discussion' started by lost_cause, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. lost_cause

    lost_cause Junior Member
    from Maine
    Messages: 13

    i'm not sure if the title is descriptive enough, but what i'm looking for is a place to buy metal sleeves that are pre-drilled to receive pins - preferrably in sizes from 1/2" to 1" in 1/8" increments. i'm also wondering whether these are sold in longer lengths that can be cut down as needed?

    i always seem to end up refurbishing or custom making some piece of farm machinery or other equipment, and the attachment / pivot points are often damaged or excessively worn, and rather than try to be creative, i'd rather be able to cut and weld the perfect piece in place.

    the most immediate need for this is my plow. i recently finished cobbling together a 9' plowmade from parts from a minute mount mc, older minute mount(maybe), and qs/speedcast? these are now attached to my truck which used to have a v-plow on it. the thing works great, but the pivot pin is worn more than i'd like, and when you have the blade at angle for highway transportation and hit a big bump it rocks around a lot more than i'd like.

    what i want to do is replace the sleeve on the end of the a-frame and also build the a-frame up and add a second sleeve to use either a top/bottom pin, or one long pin, similar to newer plows. i know the response from many would be to just get a new a-frame and/or plow, but to be honest, this is a saturday afternoon job for me at most. it would take longer for the paint to dry than it would for me to disassemble, rebuild, and reassemble. i would just like to know if anyone knows of a place to buy these types of sleeves? they must sell them, because equipment manufacturers don't roll their own steel shapes, they have to buy them from somewhere too.

    oh, and for anyone who remembers my posts a couple months ago asking about interchangeability between minute mount and minute mount mc plows - this was nearly plug and play. the only issue at all is that the mc headgear uses 1 1/4" pins to attach to the a-frame instead of 1"
  2. oman1999

    oman1999 Senior Member
    Messages: 198

    I'd check with a local fabricator or welding shop.

    After that, try a local metal supplier. I can order steel tubing in different grades, lengths and sizes to spec. Dialing it in closer may require turning it on a lathe, which is a piece of equipment almost any fabricator should have access to.
  3. camaro 77

    camaro 77 Senior Member
    from ma
    Messages: 276

    talk to a mach shop that is cake for them to make in a lathe if you can not find what you need I can see how much to make them my neighbor has a mach shop with all CNC equipment
  4. wild bill

    wild bill PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,239


    look's like mcmaster carr makes some .
    Spacers and Standoffs
    3200 products match your selections
    Type Female Unthreaded Round
    Female Unthreaded Round Type Standard
    Material — Material comparison chart
    Material Type
    Stainless Steel
    Fabric-Reinforced Rubber

    Nickel-Chrome Plated
    System of Measurement
    Inch | Metric
    Body Length
    1/8" | 5/32" | 3/16" | 7/32" | 1/4" | 9/32" | 5/16" | 11/32" | 3/8" | 13/32" | 7/16" | 15/32" | 1/2" | 9/16" | 5/8" | 11/16" | 3/4" | 13/16" | 7/8" | 15/16" | 1" | 1-1/16" | 1-1/8" | 1-3/16" | 1-1/4" | 1-5/16" | 1-3/8" | 1-7/16" | 1-1/2" | 1-3/4" | 2" | 2-1/2" | 2-3/4" | 3" | 12" | 2 mm | 3 mm | 4 mm | 5 mm | 6 mm | 8 mm | 10 mm | 13 mm | 14 mm | 16 mm | 19 mm | 20 mm | 25 mm
  5. lost_cause

    lost_cause Junior Member
    from Maine
    Messages: 13

    thanks wild bill. i never thought of a place like that. i've heard of them before, but never done any business with them. they had a steel sleeve, 1.005 id, 1.5 od, but only 2" long - plus they're a bit pricey, at nearly $30 each. i'm going to browse around their site a little more & maybe there will be something else i like. i'm hoping to find something like this in a pipe stock format, like a 8 to 10 foot section of it that i can keep on hand & cut & use as needed.

    i've checked a coulple local fabricators and come up with nothing yet - one is even a fisher dealer. i think i will branch out and maybe try some more specialized places. there's a local hydraulic repair place and a few guys that build race car cages. maybe their suppliers will have something like what i want.
  6. camaro 77

    camaro 77 Senior Member
    from ma
    Messages: 276

    I do alot of race car fab and roll cage work you will be looking for a piece of DOM mild steel tube not ERW as it will have a welded seem on the inside of it and chrome molly tubing will be strong but it has a really thin wall
  7. John T

    John T Member
    Messages: 43

    any news on the sleeves?

    I wouldn't mind tightening up my old speedcast pivot pins. :popcorn: