looking for a plow for my ford explorer


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Hello I have a 93 ford explorer and was wondering if any 1 has a plow setup that would work for it or know some one that makes them also has anyone ever use the suv for plowing

John DiMartino

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IMO,this isnt a good plow truck,the front end is extremely weak,if you must put a plow on it,go for a lightweight like the Snow way.I have replaced a bunch of front end hubs,and ball joint,s/u joints on the explorers,non of them plowed.


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Well i did u a favor i went onto Westerns site and did the quick match and i found you a good plow (i run the same blade on my 96 cherokee and its a great small plow).

heres the numbers and specs
It is the Sport utility 6.5' blade
model #1335U

contact your western dealer locally for a price and ur in business. I know meyer makes a mount for Gen 1 explorers but im not sure about fisher. Like i said the Western is a good plow for vehicles like the explorer and cherokee because of the weight of it.

any more questions email me tekbeef.


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