looking for a good push spreader

Discussion in 'Ice Management' started by andrewlawnrangr, Feb 1, 2011.

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    i a looking for a good push spreader that can spread mag flake, bulk salt, bagged salt and calcium flake.. would like a stainless steel. any thoughts. we run mag flake95% of the time but might switch to pellet next season.
    central parts has the meyers hot shot or the buyers. thanks all.

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    we just got new snowex pushers hold 2 bags cal pellets ,comes with cover and shields,grainger has them plastic and stainless guys are happy with them
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    Do not buy the Salt Dogg one, spend the money on a spreader that has an enclosed gearbox. I circled the problem in the pic. The two salt dogg spreaders we had allowed too much play at the "gears" if you will, an resulted in one wheel locking up and making the spreader immobile without a load in it. Both of these spreaders are now taking up space in the shop, have no use for them whatsoever.

    We are using lesco spreaders now and they seem to work pretty well, nothing special but they do the job for the price.

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    I use snowEx spreaders

    I use SnowEx spreaders and they will spread everything you mentioned. We have been using the several years now and they work very well.

    Check them out at your local dealer.
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    LESCO best spreader on the market!