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Long shot 200$ for anyone who can remove my meyer pivot pins, Hilltown Pa.

Discussion in 'Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum' started by roblandscape, Feb 2, 2010.

  1. roblandscape

    roblandscape Senior Member
    from Phila
    Messages: 185

    My plow is apart in my driveway in Hilltown Pa. Its a Meyer C8 with one pivot pin that is not broke seized in the moldboard and the other is broken and siezed in the mouldboard. I was able to get the sector off and on one side of the sector has half of a pivot pin seized, the other hole is clear. I know I need to get it hot but don't have a torch. I will give 200$ cash to anyone who can come to my house and get these out. Long shot but I thought I'd try.
  2. JMR

    JMR Senior Member
    Messages: 567

    They need to be RED hot and you need a BFH. Only way they will come out.
  3. roblandscape

    roblandscape Senior Member
    from Phila
    Messages: 185

    I know, I just called a local shop they said 450$ to 500$., At that price I'll go buy a torch set up.
  4. pmorrissette

    pmorrissette Senior Member
    Messages: 175


    hahaha ! gotta remember that !
  5. JMR

    JMR Senior Member
    Messages: 567

    You might be able to rent a tourch set up.... Call an equipment rental place.
  6. Lbilawncare

    Lbilawncare Senior Member
    Messages: 144

    That's funny we all knew what BFH stood for. Get it red and smack the crap out of it, good luck !
  7. roblandscape

    roblandscape Senior Member
    from Phila
    Messages: 185

    Thanks guys just found a local tool rental thats rents acetylen torches for 45$ half day. So I think I will go this route. Now I just need to find out what a BFH is...............

  8. TurfKing360

    TurfKing360 Member
    Messages: 67

    We have had dozens of those plows come to us the best way is cut the pivot tube out and replace them. We have done the heat and beat method and have done more damage than good. You can still get the pivot pocket and rib combo cost about $200 and just cut the old junk out and reweld tha new in. much faster and easier
  9. Sno-Beast

    Sno-Beast Junior Member
    Messages: 1

    $200 per pin or $200 for both. Sorry man had to go there. Good luck with the fire wrench and BFH
  10. Mackman

    Mackman PlowSite.com Addict
    from S.E. PA
    Messages: 1,356

    I would. But you are about 2hours north of me. Good luck.
  11. VPRacing

    VPRacing Member
    Messages: 74

    I picked up a 8.5ft plow awhile back and the guy did the same thing and butchered it to hell. He welded the pivot points so the frame was tight against the mold board. So the plow couldnt pivot when it trips. It ended up ripping the mounts right out of the mold board.

    If you go this route make sure you tack everything together and make sure the frame can trip/pivot without hitting the mold board. The reason I say this is I had to measure/move the pivot point a few different times before I got it correct and was able to weld it fully. I should post a new thread with the pictures of his mess... I'm glad I dont have to deal with that **** anymore.

    Good luck!
  12. J&R Landscaping

    J&R Landscaping PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,202

    Curious as to how it worked out for ya?
  13. roblandscape

    roblandscape Senior Member
    from Phila
    Messages: 185

    got a guy coming tomorrow, an old buddy. I will use my back up blade tonight.
  14. pmorrissette

    pmorrissette Senior Member
    Messages: 175

    Last edited: Feb 2, 2010
  15. pmorrissette

    pmorrissette Senior Member
    Messages: 175

    Hey man...my first language is French...so I had to think about it for a while...

  16. sonjaab

    sonjaab PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,425

  17. buckwheat_la

    buckwheat_la 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,254

    i get it, i get it, BIG, FEMALE, HOOTERS,

    i know that they would encourage any man to grab a really big f&#%ing hammer and smash that thing out
  18. plowman4life

    plowman4life Senior Member
    Messages: 557

    you know what works great is the torch and a big hilti demolition hammer. works wonder on pins.
  19. Edgewater

    Edgewater Member
    Messages: 70

    Heat them red hot and then pour a lot of cold water on them to cool them quickly. This rapid expansion and contraction will help free them
  20. 2005_Sierra

    2005_Sierra Senior Member
    Messages: 346

    we just did this about a month ago during the big storm. the way we did it was:

    1. to cut the steel away, surrounding the sleeve the pin is in.

    2. once that is out of the way heat the tube up cherry red and get the air chisel and go to town trying to work them out, works better with two people one to heat and one to chisel it out with.

    3. once the old pin is out we took drill bit and cleaned up the inside of the hole from and rough spots or burs. weld in piece that was cut out in step one

    4. covered new pin in anti-seze and worked it back in. once it was attached to the a-frame we pumped grease into the pins.

    5. be sure to put the cotter pins in so the pivot pin can not come back out, reattach the trip springs to the moldboard