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Long Island thread

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself to the Community' started by Hubjeep, Nov 29, 2014.

  1. Hubjeep

    Hubjeep Senior Member
    Messages: 502

    If there is already a "long Island" thread, or something like it please post it up. I would be interested to hear from those who plow here. Snow fall totals can vary quite a bit from year to year, so there isn't really a ton of people with plows, which keep prices high.

    Generally, on the N. Shore, 2+ acre properties have driveways all over $100 each.

    Pricing is difficult though. When I was thinking about starting up an actual business about 10 years ago, I actually would ask other plow drivers what they would charge (It's in their best interest, if I were to under-charge, that would pull customers away from him).

    Here is a graph of the snowfalls here in inches since 1947. 2006 and 2011 only had 5" each year. 2012, 2013 averaged about 46" each year.