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Just wondering if anyone has any plows mounted on tractors, loaders,skid-steers. I went by a railroad station and saw a loader with a power angle plow and hitch that sled into the bucket, looked cool. Anyone make any custom hitches for their loader(s)?<p>Justin


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If you have read the other post you would have know people have plows on their loaders. Some have pusher boxes, others just regular blades. Snowblade are your friends with snow by any chance?<p>I have a two loader blades, and maybe a pusher soon for a skid stear. For now the skid stear has an old Diamond 8 foot blade.<p><br>Geoff<br>


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We have one fitted for our back hoe, have'nt needed to use it yet.My friend had one mounted on his back hoe also. What we both have found, is that the back hoe is to slow to be effective with a plow. the snow doesnt roll off the blade like with a truck, so most people have moved to pusher boxes, they trap the snow and carry to where you want it.<br>Dino <p>----------<br> Professional Ice and Snow Management <br>Products:Services:Equipment www.sima.org


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No, I'm not friends with snow. The mount I saw was pretty interesting how the guy made it. But you're right, most people have been switching to snow pushers. This guy needs to plow to get between parking spots and other obstructions I guess.<p>Justin


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We've got 2 different units: The Daniels which is like a regular front plow, except it's 16' wide and folds. You take the bucket off for that one. Our other one is a 20' Pro-Tech pusher. No angle, but sides. You leave the bucket on for that one. Both fold manually.

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