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I am trying to find out how much to charge per hour on a 12,000# front end loader for moving snow. I currently run a Bobcat and know what to charge, but I have know idea what a current price on a front end loader would be. Thanks for any help on the subject

Mike Nelson

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Naperville IL
Just wondering what you charge for a Bobcat?
Loaders in my market could range from $95.- $250.per hour
Depends on what your market would allow you to charge.
I am sure you will get more advice.
Good Luck


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I get 50$ per hour with a bucket or 8 foot blade. 75$ per hour with a snowblower. Do these rates sound reasonable?

John DiMartino

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with the costs of heavy equipment,especaily loaders,I think 90 an hr is low.My uncle charges around 200/hr with a 500 minimum.It is a 5 yard loader,and can move a lot of snow in an hour.


We charge $165 per hour for a loader this size. This includes travel time between jobs. If the job goes over 2 hours then the rate gets discounted. For a bobcat we charge $80 to $100 per hour.


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After talking with a buch of you on here i put my backhoe up at $125 and hour or if it's a big job 3hour min.@$85 do those rates sound ok for 1yd machine?


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Somerset, NJ

You are all welcome to come here the next time it snows & I will find you plenty of work at those rates.


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We get $125 per hour for a 2 yard loader with a two hour minium. Some guys get less and some charge more but we are right around the average for our area.Just My two cents


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I have seen rates for backhoe/loader in the $150 to $180 an hour in my area. These are NOT the big 2, 3 or 5 yard bucket articulated front end loaders. Just 1 to 1-1/2 yd
bucket 4wd Case and Cat backhoes.

I have also seen rates for tandem and triaxle dumps from $160 to $200 per hour.

Personally, These rates sound reasonable for my area.

Prime Seasons

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Being a little guy, I sub out loader/removal work.

Plenty of subs to chose from in my area. For my small bobcat work, I pay $75/hr. For articulated loader w/ 3 yard bucket, I pay $45/hr. Then I add in my percentage of course, for the final bill to customers.

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