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Little smilies in signatures

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Where do you guys get those smilie things from, and how do you put them in your signatures?

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a : and a ) put together = :)
a ; and a ) put together = ;)
a : and a ( put together = :(
: and cool: put together does this :cool:

and theres a lot more, look under FAQ on top of the page for smilies and it has the rest.

You know I always wondered about that.Thanks for asking the question and thanks for the answer.Learning new things everyday..

P.S. still can't figure it out!

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All you ever wanted to know about smilies ... But were afraid to ask !!! :cool:

Try It, you know you wanna !!!

send us a smilie Mike

Well I hope this works!! :rolleyes:
You can always right-click a smilie, click properties, copy the URL and paste it into the message (what a dummy like me has to do at times) :eek: :confused: :cool: :D:
Another day has gone by and I learned something new.

I just had to try it........ and now to see if it does!!!!!!!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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