Liquid Magic application rates

First of all,I must give thanks to everyone who helped me locate a Magic distributor here in Canada.

We need to increase out de-icing application capacity two- to three fold and I am looking at purchasing another truck with more capacity (see previous thread on truck purchase) and I was wondering if anyone applies just straight magic like some of the DOT's do.If so,does it work as well as reg salt or treated salt,and if so,what kind of applicators do you use.What are the required application rates.I figured maybe if a drum of magic would do the work of 3 ton of salt,it would be easier and lighter to carry a tank of liquid as opposed to 5 tons of salt.What do you think ?

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Liquids are not something you can just put down and expect miracles its Magic but not a miracle worker.You need to crawl before u walk sort of speak.if you already use liquids i apologize but if not and ill assume you do not heres the skinny.1st you must know the ground temp not air temp and you must know the humidity level as these 2 play a major roll in your success in liquid spraying.To answer your question straight liquid does it work? Yes it does and it works very well but the conditions have to warrant its use.If you start using liquids choose a small area to test its results in and play around with it before you commit to it.Remember when it comes to liquid applications more is not always good in fact it can get you in to trouble.I am not putting liquids down by any means i am a Magic distributor its just that there is a learning curve here and if you are not trained correctly you can get very frustrated or worse in trouble pretty quick if you are not careful

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