Liquid deicers on sidewalks?

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My snow business is limited to sidewalk and small drive clearance with snowblowers, Shin powerbroom, shovels and salts. (No one else wants to get out of the truck; I love being outdoors.) Most of snow work is small medical buildings, most of which need to be kept clear all day, even in a non-stop lake effect event. Not unusual to make 3-4 stops a day at some of these offices.

I recently saw a consumer ad for a liquid deicer applied with a sprayer. Does anyone have experience with liquid applications to walks with a backpack or hand held sprayer? And is anyone aware of a commercially available quality product for this type of application? Of course, I do not need truckload quantities. LOL.


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Liquids on sidewalks

Hello. During work at the University of Michigan we discovered that the use of liquids was highly beneficial for improving levels of service. We used liquids, sprayed with a wide variety of sprayers in anti-icing modes, post plow/brooming, and in melt and refreeze avoidance. If you would like to give me a call I would be happy to discuss those experiences.

You can contact me at 248/895-2888.

Best wishes. Mark

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Welcome to Plowsite Mark. You should be able to add quite a bit with your knowledge and experience. Good to see you here.

PS A quick update on our sprayer problem. We took the screen out, which helped quite a bit, but I think NC3000 is just to thick for that pump.

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