Like oh my god I\'m so over it!

lawnboy: never say no more snow. you got to get it while its down. Spring will come soon enough. Send some down to dayton. I will take it over mulching any day of the week.

Mike Nelson

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Naperville IL

Just to let you know you are posting in Snow Discussions.If you want to talk about green then go to the other site.

Just kidding:D

Spring is right around the corner:eek:

4 Saisons

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yup, spring is around the corner, I stack the last 2 days and for the first time the temp was higher than freezing point and the sun was there...but this morning we face the reality...a brand new 1" of white stuff. some black asphalt spot now appear...for the green need to wait another month.

this is not enough for the winter, I'am ready for at least one more storm and few little event..My wallet asking for more work too.


and snow is more profitable than summerwork, and each new snow income is going direct in profit.(in my pocket)


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Albany NY
I'm with you guys that want spring. I love to plow I'll never give it up but I reached the amount of snow I need to get the full amount for the seasonal contracts. I'm getting real tired of this wet stuff to.(so's the truck I was in it so long last storm it started talking to me) Besides I just got a new contract framing for a big builder in the area. I'm ready to break out the framing guns and get building. Besides I want the money from the construction end to buy all the snow removal equipment I've been drooling over.

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