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Hello to everybody here, I just register here so I can ask you all about lighting.
This is my 2th post, I don't see the frist one, I must have done something wrong.
Anyway this is the same post, so if it is on here just stop reading now.
If it is not, what kind of light or lights sould I use. I did a search on the net and don't find much. so I will just ask you all.
Do you like strobes or the rotators better? How do you mount then? How do you wire then? Does anybody use the full-size bar lights? Are there rules or laws about this kind of thing? Here I only see amber/yellow on snowplows but other place I see a mix of amber and blue and amber and clear, what color do you use?
I thin that is all, any help would be great.

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On pick ups we use a mini edge light bar.

On dump and rack body trucks we use 2 strobes on the cab protector. and stobes mounted to the rear of the body.

Stobes use less power than rotators, however rotators are better in the day, stobes better in the night.


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You can go cig plug or hard wire. I would go hard wire because the chance of blowing a fues is much less. The draw from the the bar might be too much for the cig plug.


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I personally like my "Highlighter". It has two rotators, and is plenty bright. I got the permanent mount one ($100), and hardwired it.

The one drawback is... even if you have lights all over your truck, everyone will still be right in your way.



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Cam I cot the whelen edge 52" bar 8 strobes two alleys and two take downs hard wired and they are great.What kind of truck are you gonna use them on?

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