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What do i need to buy when i lift my 86 4x4 1/2ton. i know a kit comes with rear blocks and u-bolts, but I`m not sure if a lift comes with springs for the front. I`m also not sure if i need to change brake lines, steering components, etc.... also, what is the difference between a lift kit and system? what is a good, inexpsencive brand to go with. (I have heard good things about skyjacker and superlift.) Any experience and help would be apriciated... frahmie


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It depends on how tall your lift you want is. I was running about a 2", and didn't need any steering correction or brake line extentions, but with any more lift than that, you would need both, most likely. I was running 32 inch tires, and they didn't rub, even on the train when I was flexing, and if you just drove it on the road, 33's would fit. Rough country also makes a decent lift kit for the money. Just ask the sales rep specifically what all it comes with, and they should be able to tell you. But you will probably need brake lines, steering correction, and new u bolts if you get anything higher than a 2 or 3 inch lift. Good luck.


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As MTCK said 2 inch lift should be no problem, after that you'll have to change the listed items. A good place for inexpensive lift kits is the JC WHITNEY catalog,I haven't used them myself but have heard good things about them. They are online at good luck!


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I have looked into and decided to go with a 4inch Rough Country lift that comes with front springs, rear blocks, steering arms and shocks for $290 from i should be able to do the brake lines easy. wish me luck<p><br>frahmie


Any lift over 4&quot; will also require that you use the shims to lower the rear of the transmission to correct the axle degree to the proper specs. It is also recommended to use a drop steering arm to eliminate any bump steer since the geometry will be different. Hope this helps.


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Hey! If you have a snow plow Go with superlift HD springs, or maybe rough country has a heavy duty spring. Also use poly spring bushings if you're plowing. Rubber just dosn't cut it.

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