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I know this topic has been discused before but I was wondering when a body lift is put on a truck what happens to the bumpers? They're attached to the frame so they wouldnt move when the lift is put on. Do they sell brackets to raise the bumpers? I would be putting the lift on a 1995 gmc 1500 reg cab 4x4 not a Z71 (if that makes a difference...) The lift would most likely be a 2"-3" body lift. Another question I had was could I attempt this in my drive way bymyself with no speacial tools? I just want to be safe before I purchase.
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Many lift kit manufacturers sell brackets for bumpers to raise them. Try Superlift. As far as in the driveway, that is where I did all mine. The only special tools (if you could call them that) were blocks of RR ties in varios lengths. THe flor jack can't reach the body, and the blocks make it possible. Scraps of 4" x 4" help too, to put between the body and frame while you install the lift blocks. Not sure about newer trucks, but 73 - 87 GM trucks you'd need a welder to extend the trans shift linkage on auto trans models, and on standard trans models, to weld a 3" extension into the clutch linkage. You can take the linkage to a shop, but need other wheels to do it since your truck won't move without it extended.

Here is an overview of what a typical body lift entails.


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