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lift ram does not work

Discussion in 'SNO-PRO PLOW AND ACCESSORIES by Curtis' started by bow2no1, Dec 4, 2010.

  1. bow2no1

    bow2no1 Senior Member
    Messages: 338

    i replaced the hose for the lift ram and now it does nothing!
    i took the end of the hose off that connects to the ram and and had my g/f hold the joy stick. no fluid came out. i can hear the hydraulic pump, it worked before i replaced the hose.
  2. amocerino

    amocerino Senior Member
    from 01606
    Messages: 177

    check were the hose goes into the manifold that the orifice did not move or the hose that you can blew air throw it.The small red wire on the coil is for lift check to see if there is power and the orange has ground.
  3. bow2no1

    bow2no1 Senior Member
    Messages: 338

    i took it the my curtis dealer, no offense to any one.....but these guys seem kinda numb!
    the plow worked before i took the old hose off, now it doesn't. they said i need to replace the manifold. they think some crap got in it. although i was very careful not to get anything in. it seems doubtful. but then again on the other hand something is obviously wrong.

    they want 700 for a new manifold!!!
    i asked them if they could flush out the old one, they said that can't be done.
    i took the plow in at 9am this morning they said it would only be 2 hours. i hung around portland until they closed at 5pm!! it's still not done! they still have it...
    i thought i was saving time by taking it to the dealer. if i knew it was going to be that long i would have done it my self. thanks to them i got zero accomplished today! it's not over i still have to go back to portland to pick it up!
    i seriously think this will be the 1st and last curtis i own
    availability to parts are to difficult
    the one and only dealer i have is over and hour away.
    and the 1st time i have had them do any work they seem to be milking the job!
    i can't afford a curtis