Lift or ?? for 2016 Ram 1500

Discussion in 'Ram Trucks' started by dsisson, Dec 10, 2018.

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    I never said that it wouldn’t.
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    Ok- I watched an install video for the spacers. You remove the struts and they go on top of the struts. Simple, but a bunch of unbolting to achieve it. They also don’t strengthen the suspension, and they do change the geometry.

    So-three follow up questions:

    1) if I install the spacers, should I also install different components (tie rod ends? Ball joints? ??) to deal with the geometry change?

    2) is there a different product that would raise the front end that’s even easier to install? (Right now, I’m so crazy busy that I’m going to need a mechanic to install the spacers, hoping for a really quick solution but probably dreaming.)

    3) is there a different product that would raise AND strengthen the front suspension?
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    1) no

    2) no

    3) no
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    Awesome-looks like I’ll chat with my mechanic and figure out how to get this done.
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    Another dumb question: have you considered putting the plow on and worrying about .modifications to your suspension after you've determined it's actually required?

    You posted a link to the pathfinder plow, far and away one of the cheapest and crappiest plows on the market, so I assume this is not "money is no object" situation. Most of my customers with light weight plows do not require messing with the suspensions so if you dont need to, why spend money on it?
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    I agree. Plows will sag your front end, regardless of the truck. This plow is also for Dakotas and Tacomas, so I'd guess your truck will be fine.

    Add your weight to the back, and a set of timbrens (easiest and fast install, but wont add height) if your worried about bottoming out.
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    What does the above in bold mean? Maybe my dyslexia is working in full effect again....happens sometimes! ;)

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    It means that your front axle will not not move.
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    Actually you should get a front wheel alignment after. The front wheel camber will change and toe in probably change a bit.
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    Along with the spacers you will need longer shocks and an alignment. There is another option. Bilstein shocks offer a leveling shock for the ram 1500. A pair of 5100 shocks anlignment and 500 lbs in the back would do the trick.
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    I'm in the exact same situation. What did you end up doing? 2016 Ram Sport here SWB

    Plow weight is approx 300lb plus the mount 35ish lb

    Measured front of truck with no counter weight
    With 150lb at back of box I gain 3/4"

    Thinking about a leveling kit and or timbrens

    Let me know how you made out