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Discussion in 'Boss Plows Discussion' started by Stankonya, Feb 25, 2008.

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    Hey guys I have a 99 boss super duty. Its the old headlights and no smart hich. My problem is the tower when it is hooked to mt truck seem to be on to much of an angle. When its off the truck and you push the tower up it doesnt seem like the cylinder extends as much as it should. Plow lifts and drops fine though. Any ideas Thanks
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    So when it's actually attached to the truck, it appears that the tower is leaning forward more than it used to?

    Will the lift cylinder fully extend if the plow drops in a dip or low spot while plowing? Or does it seem like it lifts off the ground when minor dip or low spot is encountered due to the cylinder not fully extending when it needs to?
  3. OP

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    I havent tried dropping it into a low spot yet. It seems to follow conours as far as low and high spots. And yes it appears to lean to far foward. Thanks
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    If the tower is leaning farther forward than it should/used to when attached then, either the connector pins or holes are worn, the attaching hooks on the mount or tower are worn or the mount itself is loose or bent and rolled down a bit. Need to look it over closely..
  5. my '99 is a little sloppy probably from worn pin-holes but it is verticle -- for sure.
    (with the plow on the ground - I assume)

    I would take the plow off and examine the mount. If all the bolts are good and the
    frame is good-- not to worry.

    btw: After learning about Fluid Film, I coat my pins, retaining springs, the holes and
    the mount holes with FF and no longer struggle to get the pins out for removing the plow.
    Prior efforts with anti-seze didnt do as well as FF.