Liability issues with commercial plowing.....

Is there special insurance coverage needed to plow commercial lots? I have one million dollars general liability insurance, but that's about it.

I intend on doing mostly residential, but....I have been approached to plow a nursing home, and two gas stations. I'm worried about the liability of someone slipping, falling, and suing.......especially with the gas stations. Should I be worried? What would u do.?

Also.......any suggestions on pricing for your average corner gas station? (no salting). Can it be done without salting? (I don't have a salt spreader). What will the end result be if I don't icy mess half the time? The customer didn't seem concerned about the lack of salt.......but I just think that is out of ignorance. They will shovel and salt the walkways, I'm only talking about the pavement.


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To the best of my knowledge, you should be okay. Just make VERY sure that if they want salt, use plenty of it. If they don't... GET IT IN WRITING!!!!



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u need to have blade insurance...depending on how u set it up in the begining, if this was just liability coverage for a landscaping business that chances are u dont have blade insurance....Slim stated a good point if salt is not going to be applied at your descretion then u need to get something in writing stating u are not liably for slip and falls....a better plan is dont take on any commercial accounts if salt is not being applied at your descresion....Another Tip: STAY AWAY FROM GAS STATIONS!!!! theres to much trafic going in and out, if u hit one of those valves your talking major Insurance claim, and your in very tight quarters and with a full size truck u will end up running into something.

Mike Hughes

My liability insurance is for my pressure washing and gutter cleaning business........not likely to include blade insurance. I will check.

As for the gas stations, I emailed the guy and told him I will not be able to do it for them. I don't think I need the aggrevation. Thanks.


I carry Business Liability and Comercial Auto Liability. I was told by my agent that the Commercial Auto Liability covered my trucks with a snow plow and would cover damages. The Business Liability covers me again for doing business using a truck for snow plowing. It is kind of double coverage, but a one time damage could have someone else living in MY house!

Make sure you have the proper coverage. Insurance companies have people that do nothing BUT figure out how to wiggle out of paying a claim, leaving you in the cold.


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I agree with Skookum. Better to have too much insurance than too little. When I talked to my insurance agent, I got the same response that I really didn't need business insurance in addition to commercial auto insurance - BUT - it could be a lifesaver in some circumstances, like damage caused by a snowblower or deicer rather than the vehicle/plow. I think for me it's like $500/yr for peace of mind.


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Your commercial auto policy covers anything that happens when the truck is moving and you are on site. The other policy is a "completed operations" policy, and covers your butt when you are not there, but when someone may still try to claim your responsible, such as in a slip and fall case.

Both are really necessary.

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I carry both Business Liability as well as Commercial auto. It's worth it. The one time it saves your butt will make all those payments seem worthwhile.



Umbrella Policy

Also you might want to consider an Umbrella Policy for 1 or 2 Million. It picks up where your general liability and auto insurance policies leave off. For the additional peace of mind it is worth the extra couple of hundred dollars. Mine covers my entire family, our home, cars & trucks. They are usually not very expensive because they require that you carry high limits on your basic policies.