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    Dan H asked about liability policies. I have found here in MI., that things are way more expensive than anywhere else I've heard about. A 1 mill/2 mill policy here for snowplowing only runs a minimum of $1000/year. Most were much more than that. If you figure a combo policy of landscaping/street cleaning, then they start at about $1400. Many companies wouldn't even touch me when I mentioned snow removal.

    They base it on yearly income produced, and the levels I mention are for the bare minimum.

    This of course is completed operations liability, and is in addition to the commercial auto policy you will need for operations while you are there and actively plowing.

    I wish I could get it for 300-400 a year as some here can!
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    Are only you pricing the primary insurance companies and have you tried pricing the secondary insurance companies (companies not well known but financially sound). Some of these companies may offer coverage at lower rates. Seems funny that the rates are so high. Maybe they've had a higher claim rate in your area??? Did you ask you agent for specifics for which services are being insured, such as plowing, snowblowing, etc. I know my rates for mowing are higher for liability and workmen's compensation. Anyway, hope you find some lower rates.
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    Storm, When I started posting here I felt so diffrent now I feel like I fit in with rest of you guys.I just made an appointment to make sure it was as far as everyone elses.
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    Well get this. I tryed to get insurance for snowplowing and for some of my equipment. They said they could not insure me because of my age and because I only have 3 years experience in landscaping. I'm 19 and do not think this is fair. I try to start my business on my own and I'm not aloud to run it the way I want to. Which is the safe way.
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    I find it hard to imagine that you can't get insurance: you're a legal adult and ligitimate business owner. Keeping trying, there's got to be a company out there.
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    I've been getting quotes from independent agents, as well as the company Lazer recomended, Landpro Direct. All are in the same ball park, and all of the companies say similar things about underwriting in Michigan, very high rates.
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    Are you going through traditional insurance carriers or commercial business insurance? We carry one million liability insurance on trucks and equipment for less than $1500.00 yr for all we have insurance for a commercial business and go through commercial insurance carries for better rates look in magazines like Turf, Landscape Management, Pro and Lawn & Landscape in the back section they list insurance carriers specifically for this type of business and tends to be much cheaper rates. Hope this gave you some insite.
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    landscaper3 has a point, your corner Allstate agent isnt going to help at all, you need to find someone who deals with commercial. Check the yellow pages under insurance and look for someone with commercial lines in their ad.

    I have my insurance thru farm Bureau.
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    My State Farm agent is commercial. He said if I put a plow one of my trucks that they covered they would have to drop me since it would not be covered and it would void my liability on that certain truck. I switched to Indiana Insurance with a policy that was $200 more for $400,000 more coverage and they said that I did not even need a rider to cover snowplowing since the policy was for a commercial vehicle covered under a landscaping policy, so if snowplowing was part of my landscaping business, then no need for a rider on the policy.

    My State Farm agent told me I did not need to switch insurance. They would cover me if something ever happened, but then they would tell me to take off the plow. I do not trust agents! I do not trust the policy I have now, My agents word is no could in courtwhen they say" I never said that"
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    It can be hard to get commercial insurance if under 21. In many states you are not of legal age until 21 as a male. I know a young man that had to have everything in his dad's name until he was 21, all due to insurance.
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    I recently checked into business liability insurance here in IL, and I got a quote of $300 per year for $1million of coverage. That sounded VERY reasonable to me. Not to mention, I asked for better coverage to cover any damage to my plow or other equipment, and my regular insuarnce rates only went up by about $10 per month for all the extra coverage. For the record, I'm 23, married.
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    $300.00 for a one million dollar policy, I would say is very good. Mine was $650.00 for one truck under that policy coverage. Total business for One million was $850.00.

    Who is your company?
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    I have Grinnell(sp?) Mutual. They are on top of things when it comes claim time. My mower threw a rock through a rear window of a BMW a couple weeks ago. The insurance company called the glass store and took care of things right over the phone immediately.

    If you can't find them in your yellow pages, try an agency that sells multiple policy brands at discount prices. The agent I have my coverage with sells Farmers Insurance as well. My cost is less than $500 per year. Hope this helps someone out.

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