LGH Torsion Bars??


Louisville, KY
well, i decided to go check out my torsion bars after all this LGK, LGL, whatever stuff being discussed between my buddy and i. i saw the sticker and it said "LGH". i have a Rough Country 2-3" lift on my truck and it came w/ way thicker bars than stock. my question is, what the heck are the LGH bars from or how "heavy duty" are they? like i said they are considerably thicker than the stock 1/2 ton units.

another reason i was asking is because i have a Pathfinder 7.5 TE II that weighs in at 730 lbs. hanging off the front and it didnt squat near as bad as expected.

i went ahead and put on 3/4 ton spring packs in the rear along with an add-a-leaf because i have a SnowEx mini spreader along with nearly a full pallot of salt/ice melt in the rear. those things act as a pretty good ballast.

anyway, what are the LGH bars?

thanks in advance.
Me thinks I have seen, in order of increasing capacity,

D,F,G,H,K and L bars

D was seen once on el-cheapo short box 1/2tons
F is standard on half tons
G is standard on Z-71's
H is the HD 1/2 ton upgrade or standard on 3/4 tons
K is standard on 1/2 ton diesels, or HD for 3/4 tons
L is standard for 1 tons, and 3/4 ton diesels.

I have owned most of them, and as my trucks have been getting bigger each time I buy, I now have the L's in my 3/4 ton diesel. It holds up an 8'2" Boss just fine. Spills the coffee a bit though.

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