Lets post pics of snowdoggs

Discussion in 'SnowDogg Snow Plows' started by Avalanche 2500, Feb 13, 2016.

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    Picked up an xp810 to go on our f550 for this year

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    I've been using my Snowdogg for five years commercially. It's served me well, and so far, has stood the test of time and hard work. That being said, the plow in the picture is the best Snowdogg I've ever owned! :)

    new 1.jpg
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    Hey Jeff, any reason why you went with Boss instead of Snowdogg? Any complaints/issues? I just got a new XP810 and havent plowed with it yet here in VA but I also have a Western straight blade. Ive used Western for years and like them a lot but went with the Snowdogg to save a couple grand. Im curious bc Im looking for a 3rd truck soon and Im not sure if I will go with Snowdogg or Western.
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    The Snowdogg has operated just fine for 5 years of commercial use. I had to stick about 800.00 into it this year, but that's not bad for 5 years of heavy use sometimes. I just hate the mount. Western (All D.D. products really) and Boss have a much better mounting system.
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    Nice set up ! Looks like your cutting edge is raised a bit ? Raise your shoes w/a couple more washers ea. side.
    Good luck! :drinkup:
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    Yup. Shoes are way too low. Just throw them out anyway!
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    Because Snow Dog plows are complete garbage. Their is always reason why something seems like a great deal. Go ahead and buy one you’ll be kicking yourself in the ass don’t blow your hard earned money.
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    20180101_080039.jpg 20180224_161634.jpg

    New VUT after 10 outings, (broken wing at center pin)
    Second pic is Warrantied Wing after 10 more outing ANOTHER damaged wing at center pin. Not sure how to address this. First year owning this plow (Definitely not for commercial use)
    By the way my vx 85 has a rip in the same spot. I welded it before it got worse. Looking like a week link 3 for 3 as it sits.
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    Recent pic or my salvage md75(previous owner hit a tree). Still need to straighten the moldboard a little needs a new cutting edge this one is split in the middle.

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