Lets Have a Little Fun, Case Study

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by GeoffD, Jan 14, 2001.

  1. GeoffD

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    The storm:

    Temps 30-32
    8-10 Hours Day Time storm.

    What will you do? Please state the use of salt, as well as Magic Salt.

  2. SlimJim Z71

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    Pre-salt (lightly) before the storm.

    Go out at 2" and plow.

    Go home and check weather.

    Go out at end of storm if 5" is all.

    If salt is necessary after final plow, then salt.

    How'd I do?

  3. JCurtis

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    Geoff - are your accounts commercial or residential? was this a weekend storm? were the commercial accounts open?

    Without this additional information as well as knowing what your contracts say, I would have to agree with Tim. (and I would be using magic salt)

  4. John Allin

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    Our market...
    Salt when the storm begins.
    Plow that night after it ends.
    Service Restaurants during the day just prior to lunch and/or dinner hours.
    But... keep in mind that in my market 5" of snow is nothing.
  5. Alan

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    I'd salt at the onset, then monitor for buildup and plow as needed. Depending on how much traffic the site had and how much moisture there was in the snow you might not have to plow at all. Possibly a spot salt application to clear up the spots that had buildup at the end of the storm. With temps in the low 30 range you can melt a LOT of snow with a normal salt app.

    OBRYANMAINT PlowSite.com Veteran
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    salt high traffic lots as needed to keep wet
    probably two times
    (libraries,restaurants,convenient stores)

    other commercial accts drive lanes kept open
    (industrial factories,gas stations,office)

    walks continuously salted and cleared as needed
    (high traffic accts)

    all accounts plowed that night/next morn as needed accts that were heavily salted may not need plowing

    all residential accts drives plowed before homeowner arrives home from work
  7. HandyHaver

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    1. Wait till about 2-3" are on the ground and then go hit my first 3 drives. Salt drive, calcium walks (about 4 min. from my house)
    2. Stop at local wawa get a large coffee & buy blower boy his hot choc.
    3. Go hit my next 10 drives, salt drive, calcium walks.
    ( pick up 2-3 flag downs, cash only)
    4. repeat step 2

    5. Finish up my last 8 drives salt drives & calcium walks. ( 4 of them small commercial size)

    6. repeat step 4

    7. If only 5" fell, clean up first 3 and head for home.

    8. check messages, watch the news, then toss & turn for awhile, too much coffee.

    How'd I do Geoff??

  8. John DiMartino

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    Id pre-salt lightly all commercails,and resdeintials that have steep driveways,plow coercials at 2-3"then at end plow all ans salt commercials

    JD PLOWER PlowSite.com Veteran
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    Pre-salt my larger commercials (Hospital,Hotel, and day care). Then go out at 1" and service the same accounts until the end, then finish the rest as time allows. BTW this is for a weekday storm.
  10. OP

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    I don't have all the answers. Just put this out so we could all have a little fun.

  11. Iceman

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    Commercial accounts(mostly pharmacies),plow and ligtht salt at 1-2".,then return later in day to clear store fronts and walks. When storm finishes, return to plow/salt parking area and walks.

    Private drives would be plowed at 2", then cleared again before 6-8am the following morning.
  12. plowking35

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    from SE CT
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    with it being a day time storm,I would do a moderate to heavy pretreat, and then apply salt as needed during the day to keep things slushy. Slush off and a light salt app at night. The temps are key to this approach, it will keep the salt very active, and no bond will form.
  13. 9FT.PILES

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    salt party

    3"-5" is not anything to worry about. i'd lay down material and start a nice brine.return later and make piles, according to your question.then have an invoice party. HAVE WHEEL LOADER,HAVE NO FEAR. P.S. what is MAGIC salt???

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  14. Eric ELM

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  15. Yardworks

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    step one: start plowing
    step two: keep plowing
    step three: finish plowing
  16. jrblawncare

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    Down here...before the storm starts go to the supermarket get milk and bread for the week {got to go early before its gone.}Then go home and watch the news...tell the kids no school for a week{oh boy!!}Get some sleep and go to work that night...this is all not that far from the truth.
  17. Mudrtrukr79

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    Well in all honesty , Id prpbably start grumbling the minute the snow started falling , wait around for the order to start salting primaries , salt until I couldnt get any traction, go in for chains, go back out salt some more , wait for the bosses downtown to start leaning on the panic button , by the time they got done screwing things up we would need plows ,go in get my plow , by that time it would be close to quitting time and depending on how the rest of the day went , decide yes or no when they ask about overtime (Usually theyve got things such a mess the answer is NO) and wish the whole time that I would have went to college after high school!

  18. MJ

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    Sounds like what we're supposed to be getting this PM. Interesting reading how it's handled in different places. (Kentucky would close school for a week?).

  19. Mark Oomkes

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    Salt heavily.
    If it still is accumulating, plow main drives by larger, higher priority accounts.
    Plow everything that night and salt everything again.
  20. John Allin

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    Kentucky... close for a week ??

    Oh my goodness yes.... I've been involved with a few contractors from there, and that's about exactly what happens.

    In Atlanta they close school if snow get into the long range forecast. Close 'em the day before.

    Very interesting how different markets treat snow, isn't it??