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Hey all,went to Lesco the other day to pick up a few things,started looking at Lescos Easy Load tailgate spreader also mini Load universal spreader.Has any of you seen or used Lescos spreaders...any thoughts on them?? How about Lesco melt?THANKS


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i Am wondering the same thing...i was looking at there big swing away model, but i relized it wouldnt fit on my truck b/c i have a ez-dumper that sticks out the back of the bed a few inches to much. now i am looking to get the mini-load which has a hitch mount option. i want to know how they hold up


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There is a company that makes a replacement tailgate spreader for the ez dumper. I have heard that lesco melt isnt so hot. I have never used it, and dont know what the primary melting agent. Whatever the model and make that lesco sells, it is made by someone else. You may get a better deal if you go the maker direct.


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I am good friends with a guy that bought a truck this spring.

2000 F 350 pick up 4X4 7.3 ect,
9' diamond blade

ez dump insert body, with the spreader attachment. We tired out the spreader attachemnt with regular sand, on his driveway. It works good, just make sure ya have a 1 ton, because when you start to raise the body, thers a lot of weight on the rear end.



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i think i am going to stay away from bulk salt this year, cuz a lot of my jobs are kind of far distance inbetween and i have heard that the bulk salt will start to clump up real bad if it has to much mostier...so im looking for a hitch mount spreader

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