Left Over 1999 F 800 in mass may equal $$$ savings


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I found 4 good deals on truck trader. truckpaper.com

4 1999 F 800s left overs

5.9 cummings 6 speed XL Package

They have 2 with out bodies, two with, 40,000 buys one, not sure if it has a body or not.

These trucks are located in mass at Minuteman Trucks

The 1999 Model year may equal a savings if you are interested.

BTW the F 800 is equal to todays F 750.



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Went to Mass to look at these trucks over the weekend. They are the long 255" wheel base, so they are really too long for a plow truck. They would make a good rack body truck, for hauling bulk items to job sites.



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If it's a straight frame and the price is right it's no big deal to change the wheelbase. Then again, they would still be Fords when you got done.