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Yes, definitely contact the manufacturer to find out as Buff said. Be very careful when leasing a vehicle that you intend to make any alterations to (ie bumper notching, etc) as you may find that you will have to pay for any of them at the end of the lease. Some companies allow these alterations if done through the dealership and it is then worked into the lease- speak to your Chevy/Dodge/GMC dealer and see if that is a possibility. Doing it yourself after the fact though may cause you some issues, as leasing companies expect the vehicle to be returned in the pretty much the exact condition you took it off the lot in. I'm not sure about Chevy/Dodge/GMC specifically, but some companies allow for a small amount of wear and tear (usually up to $500-$1000).
In my experience, I have seen customers return vehicles and get bills for tires, paint chips, seat tears, etc. I can't say what their policies are but I would imagine they are relatively similar across most vehicle manufacturers.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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