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    So I had taken my push frame off my 02 4Runner cause I was taking a long trip and didn't want the extra weight, put the push frame back on when I got home, plowed some light snow then went to plow my parent's driveway, which I hadn't done in a while so there was quite a bit of snow. Did a couple of passes with the plow in the straight position then got out to angle it for a couple of passes. Funny thing, the whole push frame was pushed so close to the front bumper I couldn't reach the bolt to angle the frame. Should have been my first clue something was wrong, but I'm not known for thinking things through. Next pass, get to the end, push it on to the pile and hear a real bad sound, constant loud clicking. Turns out, I had forgotten to put the hitch pin in. The push frame came all the way back, hit the radiator, bent it and was hitting the cooling fan:cry:. Looked underneath and was losing all my coolant. Thankfully, that was all the damage that was done, replaced the radiator, fan was ok and I'm back in business, but just remember that the hitch pin is VERY important. That having been said, I did plow a couple of times without it (unknowingly) before it did any damage. Could have been worse I suppose, new radiator went in easily (even for me) and no other damage.
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