Leaking Meyer E47

Richard Fazio

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I got my self a used Dodge 1985 250 truck and meyer plow setup. The pump an E47, works ok but leaks like heck. It leaks from the joint between the power angle valve block assembly and the sump. I changed the seals between the two and it still leaks. The mating serfaces were perfect. I think it could be a seal somewhere else and it's just leaking down to the area between the two. I see a hole in the block assembly and none on the sump side. Anyone have any experience here? I ordered a complete seal kit I was hoping for a little guidance. Thanks


Western CT
Could be leaking out of the top seal or lower cylinder seal and just flowing down there. If I were you I would be inclined to do a total rebild. With the age it is probably dirty inside. Take it apart. Get a whole seal kit. Clean it with kerosene and replace all the seals.


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From any Meyer dealer or one of the online suppliers, you can buy the Repair Manual for $4.00 or $5.00. This has step by step instructions with pictures for doing the rebuild, troubleshooting etc. Well worth it.

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