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Leaking fuel line fix...

Discussion in 'Truck & Equipment Repair' started by MOWBIZZ, Feb 29, 2008.


    MOWBIZZ Senior Member
    Messages: 500

    My truck has been in the shop 3 days now while the Ford dealer is waiting for delivery of a new fuel line. I need my truck tonight for a storm and the dealer says he's going to "look at" a way to repair it temporarily, so I can get my truck back.
    I suggested cutting the line where the leak is (metal lines) and putting a piece of high pressure rubber line in with clamps...will this work?

    It really peeves me that nowadays, the people working on your vehicle cannot repair something if it's not "by the book"
    Whatever happened to common sense and being able to fix things with general knowledge and ability??
    Please note that I have no garage to work in or I would have fixed this myself. I'm waiting for a call back to see what they're planning to do with it.

    How would you guys fix this (temporarily) while waiting for the new part to come in?
  2. sechracer

    sechracer Senior Member
    Messages: 478

    I would go to the local autoparts store and get some steel line and a couple compression fittings. It will hold for quite a while.
  3. KGRlandscapeing

    KGRlandscapeing 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,660

    only if the rest of the line isnt shot and the guys at the dealer r gonna get pre bent cause everybody knows that people r to lazy to bend them anymore. when any of the older trucks i have to deal with break lines i just get steel braided for everything. but ya if the line is solid some place cut it and put in a new pice of steel with compression fittings. or get a nice set of flaring tools and do it old school

    MOWBIZZ Senior Member
    Messages: 500

    Yeah, I hope that is what they're doing...no word yet.:rolleyes:

    MOWBIZZ Senior Member
    Messages: 500

    Well, the story is no release of my truck with the "repair" they did without me signing a waiver absolving them of anything that might happen to the truck or occupants as a result of their repair failing and my truck blowing up or catching fire...:rolleyes:
    The new part is in Oklahoma City and will arrive on Monday and I am first on the list to be done. I said I'd wait for the part rather than sign any waivers...
    They had ordered the part last Tuesday when I brought the truck in...when asked what happened to the original part ordered that was supposed to be in yesterday, the service guy said "Ford screwed up"

    I'm not a happy camper right now...looking at $1000 dollars in lost revenue because I have to pay a backup plower to do my route...and a botched vacation plan because I was leaving for Daytona tomorrow...:realmad:
    Think Ford will reimburse me???
  6. ticki2

    ticki2 Senior Member
    from NH
    Messages: 175

    Rubber fuel injecter hose and clamps would have been just fine , done all the time . Most fuel lines have oem rubber sections in the line from tank to engine . Not for high pressure fuel rails.
  7. earl964

    earl964 Member
    Messages: 54

    I completely understand your problem I also live in Salem and our local dealer is terrible to deal with and the one in the next town over isn't much better. Next time you get stuck get a hold of me I have two trucks and one is just a spare I 'll let you use it we can work something out
  8. mnormington

    mnormington Senior Member
    Messages: 156

    why didn't you just sign the waiver? jeez....