lead blocks for ballast in pickup bed


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anyone know where i can get these.if your into nascar or any kind of racing you know what im talking about.i`ve done the bags of sand/salt thing and its nothing but problems bags break you use up the salt during the storm.

sam c

southeastern NH.
In my 87 F350 4x4 with single rears I used a worn out rock crusher jaw die. It's about 3" thick x 24"wide x 36" long and weighs 780 lbs. It's made of hardened steel/manganese. I welded some loops on it to strap it to keep it still. I've found it the best ballast I've ever used because I still have complete use of the bed. I used 4 WD a lot less too! Inquire at a local crushing plant. I got it for free.


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Lead is very pricey. like $25 for 20 lbs. I go to the local tire stores and get all the old tire weights and melt them myself. I thought about doing this this year myself but i can't figure out a good way to secure the lead in the bed.