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Ok boys, I could really use some words of wisdom here. I have an older meyer E47 with a 7.5 ft blade. The problem I am having is that the blade trips backward. This problem becomes more persistant in heavier snow and with larger snow banks. The blade actually cocks back toward the truck and gets stuck like that. This seems like it might be a major problem considering the plow was never intended to move that way.

thanks for all the anticipated help.

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Are the pivot pins/holes they go through worn out? That's about the only thing I can think of that would cause the blade to trip that way. Either that, or the stops that keep it upright are broken or bent out of shape.

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First of all you're using a homeowner plow for commercial work.

The plow stop mechanism is very prone to wear on the Meyers and can result in the situation you just mentioned. ---And it's not a simple fix. Most guys loosen the trip springs and insert a piece of rubber or polyurethane between the rearface plate and the quadrant to bandage the problem.


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easy fix have some 3inch pieces of angle iron welded above the pivot tubes, loosen your trip springs slide the agle iron in so it's like a cap on the tube tilt your blade back up to see if it's enough if not add some flat steel as shims till it looks right then tack it in place, works great did it to my neighbors 7.5 and it held up great... email me if you want exact measurements.....


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Easier fix.

Come buy my just now retired 7.5 ft ST-90 blade off me. Works perfectly, has markers, relatively new steel cutting edge and snow deflector on it. Has three trip springs and can go to work immediately. I bought the blade used in 96 after driving to cleveland to pick it up.

Only reason to sell it is I just picked up a C-8 so it would cover the track with of the dump truck it now sits on.

Anyone have any idea what a fair price for this might be???

(Please dont bash that its a Meyers, it is what it is and I'm looking for realistic numbers, not a bunch of Meyers bashing)


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