Lawn mowing/snow plowing business

Joel B.

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Well, it's been over a year now since I lost my job and the only work I've had is a 6-week temp job. I am thinking about starting my own lawn mowing/snow plowing business. I already have a truck and snow blower. I know I won't get rich but I need to get something going. I would like to get the "inside scoop" from someone in the business.

Wondering if I need special insurance and what to charge. Is the rate based on the time it takes to plow, size of the driveway/parking lot, or depth of snow?

Do most of you in the business have people sign a "legal" contract so everyone is "protected"?

What do you think about using a '95 Tahoe for plowing? I realize it might not be the best for plowing, but it is paid for. What plow would you recommend?

Hope you don't mind all the newbie questions, but just want to feel out the business before I take the plunge. I appreciate any advice, thoughts or ideas,

Joel B.

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Joel... the answers to most of your business type questions can be found by doing a search.

With respect to snow removal... since you have a vehcile and snow blower already, you could start with just what you have. Marketing yourself to residential properties where you can do walks, steps, drive, etc. - giving a more complete service than a plow truck could alone. This is how we got started in snow, two Ariens 36" snow blowers. Made enough money the first winter to pay for the equipment and buy our first computer. The next winter we had two plow trucks and the snow blowers going. Eventually we dropped the snow plowing... but it got us started.

Use what you've got and make it work. Be careful of saddling yourself with too much debt while starting out.

Good luck to you.


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Think about where you will put the blower in a Tahoe. Does the Tahoe have a plow? It will do well plowing if you put a little weight in the back. Salt bags will work well for this. Good luck.

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Good luck. You've gotten some good advise, especially about not getting rich quick. Use what you have; Someone last year had an idea of offering snowblower service to plowers in his area for sidewalks, etc. Sounded like a good idea cause plowers don't like getting out of the truck. Usually you'll more money per hour plowing than snowblowing. Someone else claims he uses strictly snowblowers and crews to clear driveways.

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I did a little searching through snowplow manufacturers and found that most of them recommend regular duty 7.5' plow. Fisher, Western, Meyer, Boss, etc. are those that you can look at. As far as for brand selection, you should make the decision based on your dealer location and service.


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u have gotten some great advice, in reference to charging it is a mixture of both depth of snow, time, and size of driveway, you will get your own pricing method.