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Discussion in 'Storm Pictures' started by IMAGE, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. IMAGE

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  2. NBI Lawn

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    Nice truck wesport. How much snow did you end up with?
  3. OP

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    Thanks. We got just over 3". We had some good drifting though, so anywhere there was a windbreak there were drifts like this one. (this pic is from the week before, but I see that drift everytime I am there after a wind)
  4. grandview

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    Of course you had your PlowSite shirt on while working!
  5. OP

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    I actually have it on right now
  6. theguynextdoor

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    how did you get such a clean scrape on that driveway? Do you have a backdrag edge?
  7. merrimacmill

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    Ya, that is a nice scrape on that driveway. Good work.
  8. mulcahy mowing

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    its a blizzard thats howwesport
  9. D&R Plowing

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    Nice stacking and good pic's
  10. OP

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    Yeah Mulcahy is right... Its a Blizzard 810. No special back drag edge. One path wide, right on the edge on each side, and the sidewalks, were done with a toro blower, you can kind of see the upside down U that goes from one sidewalk, up the edge, accross in front of the garage, and back down to the other sidewalk.
  11. Quality SR

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    Nice truck and plow. Keep them coming