Large Snow Blowing Rig Operations


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There is a guy that I call on occasionally (in fact he will be servicing one of my accounts today) who has a Ford 8000 Tractor with a 8' x 4' double auger 2 stage snow blower. He provides a much needed service of blowing out lots and driveways when they get too plugged up with snow. He is kind of a contractor's contractor.

When it is necessary I let my customers know that I may call on his services.

When this guy gets busy, he gets REALLY busy and he is getting really busy now. What usually ends up happening to him is, he will get called by one person who is desperate and while he is doing his work, a small group of people with gather to ask if he can do their lot next.

The lot that he is doing for me tonight takes around 10 minutes and he usually charges around $20, but will get much more from others around just by showing up.

Does anybody else on this forum offer this kind of service? I was just curious because I haven't seen much discussion about this.


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If it's a 3 point blower, i'd hate having to backup and look behind me while blowing the snow. I have never used one, but it seems like a pain, unless he has a front 3-point.
The contacter I work for and a alot of other contacters around here are starting to do the same thing ether blowing it in to a tri-axel your just blowing further on to the sites lawn. However your need a LARGE tractor but it takes 1/3 the time as a loader to move the same amount of snow.


i think the ford 8000 is a truck?
$20 for 10 mins, that sounds really low. Just think how long it would take a loader to move the kind of snow you need for a loader that big


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new brunswick
I love snow blowers
They are the best.
I have one for the 3 point
I would like to buy a old sicard blower truck. They say that the operator has to be a mechanic to keep it going. It's truly the best way to handle snow. They cost alot of money to run. I look at one at the provincial auction. 1976 Senior sicard blower truck. It didn't start, the blower wasn't hooked up and came with a big pallet of parts for 10 thousand.
It was powered by a 318 (truck) and a huge old diesel for the blower. The sicard stands as big as a 3yd loader. A nice old four wheel drive truck.
Has anyone put a plow on one of these machines?

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