Landscaper going out of biz, equipment up for sale

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A local landscaper is going out of business. He asked me if i was interested in buying any of his equipment. I am wondering what you guys think of the following.

1996 Kubota F 2400 4X4 Commercial mower, with snow blade and blower.

1998 Walker GHS with blower
1997 Walker GHS with blower / 52 \" side deck

He also has

1999 F 350, 7.3, 4X4 Rugby Dump body/ Fisher v plow and sander,

2000 Dodge 3500 rack body, 5.8, loaded, with 9\' fisher and pull plow.

16\' inclosed trailer, 2000,

Waiting to here prices on the truck, and equipment, have no real interest in the dodge.

What do you guys think of those mowers for snow removel?



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sounds like this guy went on a buying spree ...beware of the maintenance records on these machines!!


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wrong types of mowers for grabbing my interest-
he'll probably need as much for each of them as I could buy a good 86-87 chevy 1/2 or 3/4 ton 4x4 with a plow, or even up to a '92!
I'd pass on most of those items unless he gets rid of them for DIRT cheap, then you could keep or re sell for a profit :)


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Would be interested in that trailer, but needs to be a good deal to make worth my while.

It does sound like this guy shot right through the starting gates before the race ever started. A lot of money spent on equip. Typical for this business though.


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