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Topsham Maine
I am trying to search out large contracts ie condos and large facilities to do there snow plowing/landscaping. I find it very hard to get my foot in the customers door and if I do it seems like there all tied up. Also I figured out how to do a square foot price. Do you folks do that also ? Can anyone give me help? Thanks Dw:confused:


Western CT
Around here most are yearly contracts that incluse all services. I find that most come up in the late winter. This is when I bid for the whole year. May be different in your area. Most are open to bids as they like to save money although you can expect some company loyalty. Find out when they are coming up prepare a bid and get it sent in. Take a chance and you might get lucky. Once you get one and your name starts getting tossed around you will get more opprotunities.


Atco, New Jersey
My 2 cents worth,
Down here in South Jersey, Landscape Co.'s are abundant. Trying to compete with them is not easy. They have most of the big accounts, ie condos, apts, shopping centers. My buddy is a landscaper and he is still submitting bids for this season, and getting them. What he does is pick a property in the area he wants to work and submits a bid based on his numbers. He also puts in a promotional piece which my wife designed for him. He doesnt get them all but he gets enough to keep 4 of his trucks on and 4 additional subs. What he found is a lot of the time property owners just settle in with whoever they are using and often dont look for another bid, so when he comes in below what they are paying, or comes in higher, but offering more, the owners kind of realize"hey should have done this before" I used his same method for residentials. You know what I found is a lot of these landscapers get to the point where they wont plow res. because they have focused on the big properties. This leaves a lot of of homeowners upset, so when I sgn them up and find that their landscaper wont plow for them, I give them my buddies card, and ask if they would like me to have him come out. No one hs ever refused his card. And a few have thanked me because they dont apprecite a guy who takes their money in the summer but wont dig them out in winter.

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Tim McGonigal
Atco, NJ

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