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lamp out indicater

Discussion in 'Ram Trucks' started by dodgegmc1213, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. dodgegmc1213

    dodgegmc1213 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,011

    i have a 2004 dodge ram 2500..this pass week the light and the chime has been going off like crazy, my lights would be off sometimes on, all my lights work, it only goes off when im driving..i called my local dodge dealer they said that my computer isnt reading my plow harness and have 2 reprogram it so it can read it but i dont believe that..all my lights work on the truck and plow...any info will be appreciated thanks
  2. ry_rock

    ry_rock Senior Member
    Messages: 105

    I had the same thing happen in the spring, ended up being a rear tail/brake lamp, the filiment was weak and would contact sometimes and not others, same as you only happened when I was driving and seemed to do it all the time but when I checked the lights they always worked. Took me a couple days to get to the bottom of it, replaced the bulb and been fine since. I would just keep checking the lights, maybe even tap on the tail lights with you hands to giggle it...hope you find your issue!!!
  3. belton

    belton Junior Member
    from midwest
    Messages: 16

  4. USMCMP5811

    USMCMP5811 Senior Member
    Messages: 267

    I had a problem with my 05's tail lights. the socket where the bulp plugged in was worn and corroded. While driving, my light out indicator would go on and off intermitently. replaced the socket and problem solved.
  5. jhenderson9196

    jhenderson9196 Senior Member
    Messages: 615

    I have had problems with the directional lights on my plow. Bad ground or weak filament will cause lamp out signal.
  6. clc2007

    clc2007 Member
    Messages: 74

    I had an 02 ram did the same thing! Replace the bulbs in the tail lamps and it will fix it.
  7. dodgegmc1213

    dodgegmc1213 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,011

    thanks for the info guys..i think i fixed it i hope, i cleaned all my connectors on my head lights and tail lights added some dielectric greae and found out my front marker lights had the wrong bulbs in them nd was starting to burn, i replaced those and replaced two tail light bulbs...so far so good